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iconVimeo Animation (independent artist shorts)
  • Best source for high quality shorts.
  • I added a Vimeo channel (CG Corner channel) to share all the CG-related videos that I "like" on Vimeo.
  • In addition, I created a Vimeo album (CG Corner - Honorable Mentions album) for all of the "Good Visuals" shorts on Vimeo.
iconYouTube Animation (independent artist shorts)
  • The authority on online independent videos has lots of great shorts.
  • I use my personal YouTube channel (CG Corner channel) to share all the CG-related videos that I "like" on YouTube.
iconAniboom (independent artist shorts)
  • Lots of great shorts here.
iconBest Animated Short Film (shorts list)
  • An up-to-date list in Wikipedia of all the animated shorts nominated for Academy Awards (including which ones won).
iconSIGGRAPH Video Reviews (shorts list/previews)
  • Preview of highlighted animated works presented at the coveted SIGGRAPH Animation Festival.
  • FYI, I joined SIGGRAPH in 2010 for a discount on their video reviews and festival admission.

Shorts | Movies | Animation
iconiMDb (movie info)
  • This database probably has more details on past and future movies than any other site.
iconTwitch (movie news)
  • This is the best site for worldwide movie news.
  • They get rumors, production statuses, teasers, and trailers amazingly far out (and before almost any other site). (movie news)
  • Lots of trailers, news, and rumors for upcoming movies and series.
iconYahoo! Coming Soon (movie news)
  • Popular source for trailers and news, especially for blockbuster movies.
iconSuperHero Hype! (movie news)
  • Everything you would want to stay on top of in the superhero world - especially upcoming movies and series!
iconiTunes Movie Trailers (movie trailers)
  • Popular source for the latest high resolution trailers. (movie trailers)
  • Another good source for trailers. (TV series info)
  • This database has a lot of details on past and future TV series, and represents a key reference source for TV series.

Shorts | Movies | Animation
iconLucas Martell's Site (independent artist site)
  • The creator of the awesome short, Pigeon Impossible, offers great advice and tutorials on the art of creating a computer animation work.
iconCG characters in movies (short visual documentary)
  • lnrdshelby did a great job in creatively and visually summarizing the most critical moments in CG character animation history.

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