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This area explains the conventions of this site. To get some more info on how I categorize the CG works content, you can visit the Cataloging CG Work topic on this site. Also, to learn more about the general site design and automation, please visit the site design area of my personal site (

Quick Click Guide

  • Navigate Wall of Works:
    • Click right-side scroll bar and drag or use Up/Down keys
    • Or hover over wall and use mouse wheel
    • Mouse over item for title
    • Click item to pop up details
  • Click icons displayed with works (explore all of same type in lightbox):
    • Details for fully animated, partially animated, secondary
    • Media links for reference, video, image, Amazon
    • Release info for BD (Blu-ray), DVD
    • Release info for movie, TV series, stream, video
  • Hover over informational icons displayed with works:
    • Ranking for Favorite, Good, Good Visuals, Weak
    • Info for Excluded, No review, Not seen, Future
  • Click fields displayed with works:
    • Finding Nemo (2003) | all works released same year
    • movie | all works for same medium (movie, series, short, ...)
    • Pixar | all works by same shop
    • Japan | all works from same country
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With each animated work here, I include one or more of the following entities:

  • Icon fields:
    • Sub-Type Icon (with Details Link): This icon identifies the animation sub-type; by clicking on it, you can see all the detailed info that I have gathered for the work within a lightbox-style overlay on the page.
      • Fully animated
      • Partially animated
      • Secondary animation (i.e., no significant character animation)
    • Video Icon (with Video Link): This icon identifies that a video reference link is provided; by clicking on it (i.e., ), you will see the video within a lightbox-style overlay on the page. For larger works, the video (typically from YouTube) is chosen to help you better appreciate an unfamiliar series/movie. For shorter works, the full video normally will be available (typically from the author page on Vimeo); to view it in its highest quality/size and/or to comment on it, click the source site's link (button for Vimeo, YouTube etc.).
    • Amazon Icon (with Amazon Link): This icon identifies that a link to the applicable release on is provided; by clicking on it (i.e., ), you are taken to the applicable release on
    • Ranking Icon (with Review Link): This icon identifies my ranking of a work (if ranked); by hovering over it, you can see the detailed review. The last four informational icons (no link) explain when a ranking is not provided.
      • Favorite
      • Good
      • Good Visuals (certain Weak shorts)
      • Weak
      • Seen but excluded from rankings
      • Seen but ranking not available
      • Released but not seen
      • Future release
    • Release Medium Icon: This icon represents the medium of the applicable release:
      • Movie: movie theater release
      • Series: TV broadcast
      • BD: a.k.a., Blu-ray Disc
      • DVD: a.k.a., Digital Video Disc
      • Video: not released as the primary work on any of the other mediums; either released only at a film festival, released online, or released as part of a collection of works on BD or DVD
    • Image: This is a 400x300 (4:3) image that I collected/edited to best represent the spirit of the work. I display a 120x90 thumbnail version for page loading performance, and allow the user to bring up the larger version when clicking on the thumbnail.
  • Text fields:
    • Title: This is the primary title of the work.
    • Release Year (with Release Year Link): This accompanies the title (in parentheses) if available and represents the source release year of the work; by clicking on it, you are taken to a page with all works for the same release year.
    • Medium (with Medium Link): This represents the source medium for which the work was released; by clicking on it, you are taken to a page with all works for the same medium.
    • Shop (with Shop Link): This represents the animation shop for the work; by clicking on it, you are taken to a page with all the works for the same shop and possibly notes or a review regarding the shop.
    • Country (with Country Link): This represents the origin country of the work; by clicking on it, you are taken to a page with all the works from the same country.
    • Review: This represents my comments about the quality of the overall work in addition to the quality of the animation.


icon, icon = details, icon = video, etc.

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