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imageShare Some Soul [Commercial for Kia Soul] (2011)
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  • Ranking: icon great design | animation | concept | writing
    Cool hamster and robot dancing that makes me smile everytime :).

Favorite | Good
imageAbove the Rim [Commercial for Reebok] (2004)
imageArtic Beach Party [Commercial for Coca-Cola] (2005)
imageFantastic Four [Commercial]
imageThe Last Game [Commercial for Nike] (2014)
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  • Synopsis: Can cloned soccer champions playing safe vs. risky soccer beat the originals?
  • Ranking: icon good design, average animation | concept | writing
    Interesting designs and scenes.
imageLook Out [Commercial for Anchor] (2005)
imageThe Nutshells - Spring Break [Commercial for Skippy] (2004)
imageRobot Football [Commercial for NFL on FOX] (2006)
imageSave My Bacon [Commercial for Thortons] (2005)
imageSave the Humans [Commercial for M-TV] (2005)
imageShoxploitation - Part 1 [Commercial for Nike] (2005)
imageShoxploitation - Parts 2-5 [Commercial for Nike] (2005)
imageThree Bears [Commercial for Quaker] (2004)
imageTraviezucos [Commercial for Coca Cola] (2006)
imageTriage [Commercial for Nature Sweet Tomatoes] (2004)
imageTurtles [Commercial for Ritz] (2004)
imageTwins [Commercial for Post Office] (2004)
imageThe Ultimate Break [Commercial for Kit Kat] (2009)

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